About Us

LINGUIST Business Solutions is agency for translation and interpreting services. Since its establishment in 1999 the agency started successfully and involved many translators, consultants and editors with various experience in different fields in order to comply with the ever increasing demand on the Bulgarian market. At present, the employed translators, interpreters, consultants and editors outnumber 220, with over 37 languages covered.

Quality Guarantee for our translation services is the application of the Information Technology achievements – like spelling, translation memory and other forms of translation assistance. The proof reading and verification for style and coherence with the original text also are must.

Our advantage is that we seek individual solutions for the customer, related to his activity profile, the set terms and the compliance with all confidentiality conditions. All translators HAVE signed a declaration for the confidence of the translated texts.

Delivery: You can receive your translations in the form of a file in the format of your choice, by regular mail or by courier.