Welcome to the new office of Linguist Business Solutions Ltd.:

Office address:

20, Frédéric Joliot Curie Str., office 101.

1113 Sofia

Phone ++359 2 865 29 30

e-mail: info@lbs.bg

e-mail: linguist@dir.bg

Skype: linguist1999

Linguist Business Solutions Ltd. provides complete solution for your Operation and Service Manuals.

The company is specialized in professional translation services within the industrial and agricultural technologies, power engineering, pharmacy, clinical researches, etc.

Furthermore, we offer: Editing, Layout, Publishing The text are composed by language professionals and thus additional security of communication is granted and the risk of errors is prevented.

CAT tools

CAT application Trados 2007 is used for all large orders and for the update of reference manuals as well as other types of documents. Thus, the lexical homogeneity and expression style of translations are guaranteed..

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